Monday, 31 December 2012

December Training Update & a broken finger!

I'd planned this month to make the most of the dark nights by focussing on improving my swimming. All was going really well until the 8th December when whilst something as innocuous as getting changed after swimming resulted in me rupturing the extender tendon on my ring finger and breaking it too!? No pain but an instant disfigurement. I'm now facing six weeks in a splint in the hope of it mending but the prospect of an operation at the end of it if not... It also put paid to swimming until at least the 21st Jan 2013 :-(

I've also not been able to ride the bike with the limited finger movement so been concentrating on Gym work and have finally had a go at Spin classes... Great fun but really hard!

Here's the training update for December to wrap up the year!
01/12/12 ~ 1000m pool swim training at Total Fitness in 25.57 (SWOLF ~ 56)
               ~ 10 mile winter bike loop around Bradwall in 36mins 29 Secs averaging 16.7mph
03/12/12 ~ 800m pool swim at Total Fitness in 20mins (SWOLF ~ 54)
               ~ 30mins Weight Training
06/12/12 ~ 1000m pool swim training at Total Fitness in 25mins 13secs (SWOLF ~ 53)
               ~ 30mins Weight Training
08/12/12 ~ 6mile bike ride to Total Fitness in Crewe via Haslington in 25mins averaging 15.2mph
               ~ 800m pool swim at Total Fitness in 19mins 03secs (SWOLF ~ 51)
               * Ruptured extender tendon and broken ring finger whilst getting changed after swimming :-(
09/12/12 ~ 30mins weight training at Total Fitness and recovered the bike from the lock up after having to
                  abandon it yesterday with my broken finger!
12/12/12 ~ 30mins weight training and 10km on the cycle machine in 19mins 25secs
14/12/12 ~ My first ever Spin class session... 45mins of 'hard' at Total Fitness gym! Really enjoyed it!
16/12/12 ~ 10km bike machine, 3km treadmill and 30mins weight training at Crewe Hall
22/12/12 ~ 1 hour Spin Class at Total Fitness followed by...
               ~ 1 mile treadmill run and...
               ~ 30minutes Weight training
27/12/12 ~ 3mile post Xmas run around the Wheelock Rail Trail in 30mins and
                  16secs in my new running gear... Thanks Karen, Dave and Katie!
28/12/12 ~ 45mins weight training at Total Fitness

All in all it's been another good year!

The London 2012 Olympics were also an amazing experience, and watching British riders take 1st and 2nd place in this years Tour de France a week before hand brilliant!

Another £2,522 raised for the Abersoch RNLI... £1,872 from the coast to coast bike ride and £650 from the Findel Ed boys v girls team Triathlon. Also £120 raised from the Liverpool Triathlon for the Isaiah Trust... All of which I know will be put to excellent use... Thanks again all for the donations, support and genereal goodwill!

The coast to coast bike ride was a great experience, stunning scenery, a fantastic route with a great mate... Thanks Dom!

The Capesthorne team Tri was also a great day out and a laugh with the folk from work. Thanks Nick, Kev, Marwa, Joanne and Lisa for agreeing to raise funds for the RNLI and an extra special thanks to Lisa for organising it!

The Livepool Tri also saw me hitting another of my goals for the year getting under the 3hour milestone for the Olympic Distance of 2hours 53mins.

A huge thanks also to Karen and my daughters for all their continued support! I really don't know what I'd do without you!

I'll be continuing BLOG'ing my training and fundraising exploits next year so watch this space!!! And thanks for following!

Happy New Year!