Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Training Update

Well... Winter hit with a vengance in the early part of this month! Lots of snow and ice curbed getting out on the roads on the bike and even made running outside a bit hap hazard so the first couple of weeks were spent concentrating on Triathlon bricks sessions at the Gym to try and get more comfortable on the bike to run transitions (albeit from cycle machine to treadmill). Training indoors is tedious so the hardest part was the motivation to run on the treadmill! Better towards the latter part of the month, getting out on the roads a bit more which has been great.

Suffered a setback in that the RNLI are closing their Northern Regional Events office and with that Lisa and her team there will be moving on to pastures new which is a real shame as they've always done a fantastic job! The upshot of this is also that the Way of The Roses coast to coast cycle event has been cancelled! With £158 of donations already I'm busy looking in to how I can organise this myself as I really do fancy this challenge now! Plotting with a few friends to try and organise something ourselves to keep the challenge on... Watch this space!

My February training summary has been:-
2/02/12   ~ Tri Bricks session of 400m timed pool swim in 8mins 36sec,
               ~ 10km Bike m/c
               ~ 1km treadmill run (8:15),
               ~ 15 mins weight training.
4/02/12   ~ 4km run around the Wheelock rail trail in 23mins
               ~ 30mins weight training in the gym
               ~ 400m pool swim
7/02/12   ~ 1,000m Pool swim @ Crewe Tigers Tri club swim training session
9/02/12   ~ Tri bricks session of 400m timed pool swim in 9mins 34 secs
               ~ 10km bike m/c in 19mins
               ~ 1km treadmill run (8mins)
11/02/12 ~ Bike to run bricks session of 6mile bike ride in 24mins 30 secs avg 15.2mph
               ~ 3km treadmill run in 21mins
               ~ 25mins Weight training
16/02/12 ~ 4 mile run in a figure of eight loop around Sandbach in 38mins 7 secs averaging 9.5 min miles
19/02/12 ~ Bike to run bricks session... 6.2 mile road cycle from Sandbach to Winterley and back in 24mins
                  & 35 secs averaging 15mph and then a 5.5mile run through Elworth, Ettiley Heath and
                  Wheelock in 52mins and 55 secs averaging 9.39/mile
21/02/12 ~ 950m swim / cross training with Crewe Tigers Tri swim club
25/02/12 ~ 13.2 mile road cycle from Sandbach to Holmes Chappel and back in 53mins 33secs averaging
28/02/12 ~ 2,000m endurance swim training with Crewe Tigers Tri swim club

I've also followed up on my threat and entered the Olympic Distance event at the Liverpool Triathlon on Sunday 1st July where I'll be attemting once again to get under that elusive 3 hours mark!... Stay tuned! :-)