Friday, 30 November 2012

Movember Training Update: 1,000miles and a bad back!

Started the month well with a bike ride around the country lanes of Sandbach which tipped my training and event mile balance for the year over the 1,000mile mark about a month earlier than last year :-)

Also started with the best intentions of supporting Movember but an absent minded shaving accident on the 11th Movember saw the moustache getting an early bath :-(

I've taken up golf! Have I mentioned this? I've been having some lessons which have been going well but after a mid month session strained my back which has impacted the training considerably. That and struggling with motivation to get out on the cold, dark, winter nights!

On a brighter note the RNLI fundraising from my coast to coast bike ride earlier this year is now complete with the final total reaching a whopping £1,872.14 !! Thanks so much to everyone for their donations and huge support!

So... The Movember training update is as follows...
03/11/12 ~ 10.2mile Autumnal bike ride around the country lanes of Sandbach and Bradwall averaging
04/11/12 ~ 3mile run around the Wheelock rail trail in 28mins 43secs
10/11/12 ~ 4mile run around Pwllheli Marina in 41mins 17secs
18/11/12 ~ 4.3miles around Moston and Ettiley Heath with a bad back in 46mins 23secs!
24/11/12 ~ 1,200m swim at Total Fitness in 32mins 11secs
               ~ 40mins weight training
28/11/12 ~ 1,500m swim at Total Fitness in 38mins 20secs