Monday, 30 April 2012

April Training Update

We had a holiday booked after the Pwllheli Triathlon to see family in Mexico so whilst the training was low the fun and chill out was high and just what was needed! :-)

I managed to get a couple of early runs in around Puerto Aventuras Marina and a 3/4 mile open water swim over coral reefs across the bay whilst away which was fab!

Jet lag on the return wiped me out so overall the training this month has been a bit sparce...

1/4/12 ~    Pwllheli Sprint Triathlon (as below) in 1.28.00
3/4/12 ~    2.5mile run around Puerto Aventuras Marina in Mexico in
                24mins 37 secs 
5/4/12 ~    2.5mile run around Puerto Aventuras Marina in 24mins
9/04/12 ~  3/4mile swim across Puerto Aventuras bay and back in
                32mins 52secs (Avge 28 strokes/min)
21/4/12 ~  7.8mile bike around Bradwall Green and Brereton Green
                 in 28mins 11secs averaging 16.6mph
24/4/12 ~  7.6mile bike ride from Total Fitness in Crewe to
                Wheelock, Winterley, Haslington and back in 26mins and
                                                                        4secs averaging 17.5mph
                                                                    ~  3mile run around Crewe from Total Fitness in 25mins
26/4/12 ~ First UK open water swim of 2012! 800m swim at a cold Boundary
                Water Park with Uswim in just over 19mins 27secs (Avge 25
                strokes/min)... 13'c water temp and 8.5'c air temp!?
28/4/12 ~ 8 mile run around Pwllheli Marina out to Aberech and back in 1hour
                10mins averaging 8.44min miles
30/4/12 ~ 3 mile run around the Wheelock rail trail in Sandbach in 24mins 13secs
                averaging 8.06 min miles

And finally... The folks from work that I'm doing the team challenge triathlon with at Capesthorne in June have kindly agreed to fund raise for the RNLI which is a massive boost :o) Just got to beat the girls team now! ~

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pwllheli Triathlon ~ Done! (Time: 1.28.00)

A great day out at the Pwllheli Triathlon today but slightly disappointed with the overall time which was 49 seconds slower than my last outing here. Even more so as I coasted the run thinking due to my own timing error that I was going to finish in just over 1hour 24mins... Turns out I'd accidentally stopped my watch between swim and bike rather than get a lap time for T1 :-(

The 400m pool swim was completed in 10mins 19seconds which was far from my best.

T1 (Swim to bike) was fairly respectable at 2mins 7 seconds.

A lovely 20km bike route out of the leisure centre, around Pwllheli Marina and then a two mile steep hill climb out of Pwllheli back towards Caernarfon turning right at Four Crosses towards Chwilog and then dropping down hill to the A497 back to Pwllheli... 48mins 4secs

T2 (Bike to Run) was 1min 19 secs

Followed up with a reasonable 5km run around Pwllheli Marina in 26mins 12secs

The transitions were all quicker than last time but with the exception of the run my other disciplines slower. Perhaps the 14mile 'dry run' bike ride the day before (which turned into a race pace sprint for the last 8 miles) followed up with a couple of pints of San Miguel and burger and chips the night before weren't the best pre race preparations?! ;-)