Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Training Update

This month the training has been focussed around preparation for the Liverpool Triathlon, a 5150 European Championship event where I'll be doing the Olympc Distance Triathlon... 1500m Swim, 40km Bike Ride and a 10km run.

Hoping that I can squeeze under the 3 hour mark which has eluded me on my previous 2 attempts last year at Tatton (3.07) and Capesthorne (3.09). It's going to be a challenge! I've been working on improving the bike pace, even to the extent of investing in an 'Aero drinks bottle' which when slung between the Aero bars means I can stay tucked down whilst grabbing a drink. It seems to work well improving my speed by about 1mph on runs out with it so far. Here's hopeing it makes the difference!

A summary of this month's training below...

02/06/12 ~ 1500m Open Water swim with Uswim at Salford Quays in 34mins 55secs
06/06/12 ~ Bike to Run Bricks session. 13mile bike ride from Sandbach around Hassall Green, Winterley
                  to Haslington and back in 46mins 41secs avge 16.6mph then...
                  1.5 mile run around the block in 12mins 11secs :-)
09/06/12 ~ 1500m Open Water swim at Salford Quays in driving rain and wind. 36mins 19secs (am)
                  25mile bike ride with my mate Dom from Sandbach, through Middlewich, Church Minshull,
                  Nantwich and Crewe at a comfortable pace averaging 16mph in 1hour 34mins (pm)
10/06/12 ~ 3 mile (5km) cross country run at Capesthorne Tri as part of the Findel relay team in 25mins
                  and 13secs
12/06/12 ~ 3.7mile 'cool down' run with Karen on a figure of 8 circuit around the Wheelock Rail Trail
14/06/12 ~ Bike to Boundary Water Park, 8miles in 29mins 7secs averaging 16.4mph
                  1500m Open Water swim in 34mins 58secs
                   Bike home from Boundary, 8miles in 31mins 25secs averaging 15.1mph
16/06/12 ~ 1500m Open Water swim at Salford Quas in 37mins 28secs
19/06/12 ~ 8mile bike ride loop around Bradwall and Brereton trying out my new 'Aero drink bottle'!
                  31mins for the distance averaging a good pace of 17.1mph
20/06/12 ~ Up early for a pre-work bike ride, 6 miles to Bradwall Green and back in 22.5mins averaging
23/06/12 ~ Dragged myself out of bed on a morning of wind and rain for a 1500m open water swim at
                  Uswim's Salford Quays session. 36mins 30 seconds for the distance.
24/06/12 ~ An 8 mile steady pace run around Bradwall Green, Elworth and the Wheelock Rail Train.
                  average pace of 9mins 23secs/mile and 1hour 15mins for the whole run.
25/06/12 ~ 14.3miles on the bike this evening on a lovely sunny evening. Through Bradwall to Holmes
                  Chapel and back averaging a good pace of 18.3mph in 47mins 30secs.
28/06/12 ~ 7.8mile steady pace cycle around Bradwall and Brereton Green averaging 16.1mph

Not a great success on the Isaiah Trust fundraising for this event, only £20 so far but here's hoping some more funds come in ~

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